JDO Community Security Support (CSS) System

JDO Community Security Support (CSS) System from JDO LABS PTE LTD

By: JDO LABS PTE LTD   23/03/2011
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JDO Community Security Support (CSS) System is part of JDO Advanced Integrated Smart Home Technology. It is specially developed to provide a very simple yet cost effective way to provide security and safety to coomunities.

The CSS Receiver is a compact size box, which can be located anywhere (Usually it is located within the same community). The CSS Receiver works with  JDO CSS Diallers.

The distinctive feature of JDO CSS System is its ease of deployment and operation. The CSS Receiver only requires a standard telephone line connection. It requires neither PC nor PC knowledge to operate; it does not need to be located in a central office manned by specially trained staff. The CSS Receiver receives alarm calls from CSS Diallers. Alarm message and real address is displayed on the receiver, and if need be, sent to a mobile phone via SMS. Hence, security personnel will be alerted immediately, wherever they are and able to attend to any security intrusion or any emergency situation as soon as it happens.

JDO CSS System greatly reduces the cost related to installation, operating and maintenance of a CMS System.

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