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By: Ji Xing Ting Geomancy  01/12/2007
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My wife and I got married in early 1997. During the first years of marriage, we did not want to have kids yet, so we took precautionary measures during these times. In late 1998, we decided to start a family. However, we were unable to conceive after many months of attempts. We consulted a renowned gynecologist, Dr. P.C. Wong from Mt. Elizabeth Hospital, who is an expert in infertility. He recommended that my wife sees him every month to determine her exact ovulation period, so that we can try to conceive during these days. He explained that we will attempt this method for 3 times only. If we still fail to conceive, the next step to take is Artificial Insemination, whereby the husband’s sperms will be manually implanted into the wife’s womb. Unfortunately we failed to conceive after 3 attempts. Then, we were introduced to Master Vincent Lim. After studying our 8-characters and the feng-shui of our home, he explained his recommendations: After selecting an auspicious date, Master Lim came to our house, performed a ritual and advised us how to shift the position of our bed. Also, he advised that all glass surfaces in the house (excluding the windows but including mirrors) to affix a small piece of red paper. The next step is to locate a temple with the Goddess of Birth, Zhu Sheng Niang Niang. This temple must have a frontal facing a certain direction and with a clear path of a least 100 metres. On the first day of the Lunar New Year in 2000, (Master Lim explained that the “Chi” is the strongest on this day compared to the rest of the year), we stepped out of our house exactly at 7a.m. and headed towards the selected temple. From a certain direction and approximately 100 metres away from the temple’s main door, we started walking towards the temple while reciting our wish for a baby. In the temple, we offered our prayer to the Goddess of Birth. Master Lim advised that we can only leave the temple only after 9 a.m. We stayed in the temple for approximately 2 hours. After this visit to the temple, it was time to see the gynecologist, Dr. Wong, for the fourth time to determine my wife ovulation period so that we can proceed with the Artificial Insemination method. We went to see Dr. Wong for 3 consecutive days and he could not find the egg in my wife’s womb. He concluded that my wife did not ovulate that month. So he sent us off to try again next month. Before the fifth visit to see Dr. Wong, we discovered my wife was pregnant! We beloved this miracle was God-send, thanking Master Lim for his great help. Our first daughter is already 5 years old now and studying in Kindergarten. And, we have our second daughter in 2002. Charles Toh 11.1.2005

Keywords: Customer

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