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By: Kids Home Therapy  21/03/2011
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·      Developmental Screening / Assessment

·      Early Intervention

o   Gross Motor Delayed / Global Developmental Delay

o   Cerebral Palsy

o   Premature

o   Gross Motor Skills Development for Child with Autism Spectrum Disorder

·      Hypotonia

·      Hypertonia

·      Developmental Coordination Disorder  / Dyspraxia / Clumsy Child Syndrome


·      Congenital Talipes Equinovarus / Calcaneovalgus

·      Torticollis

·      Poor Posture

·      General Strengthening and Conditioning Exercise


·      Deconditioning due to Oncology Conditions eg. leukemia, osteosacroma


Infant Massage/Early infant stimulation

·      Infant Massage (Early Sensory Stimulation )

·      4 lessons, once a week

·      Highly recommended for premature babies and ‘fussy’ infants


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