Control4 simplifies your life

Control4 simplifies your life from LivingWorks LLP

By: LivingWorks LLP  18/02/2009
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Make your home your favourite place to be. New in Singapore, Control4 makes home automation a practical option for any home by combining innovative technology with today’s wired and wireless networking standards. Transform your home into a hotel-like experience and go green at the same time!

Compared with older systems, which are too expensive, cumbersome and unreliable to use, Control4 truly simplifies your life by co-ordinating the control of your lights, blinds, music, movies, security and comfort in one complete, elegant solution. Gain complete control from a single remote, touchscreen or keypad.

For example:
* Simultaneously start a movie, dim the lights, close the blinds and adjust the temperature for a true movie theater experience in your own home.
* Access your music and videos from any room in your home, anytime.
* Make your home theater system easy enough for a child to use with one simple remote to control all your AV gear.
* Enjoy multi-zone music from multiple sources over the entire home for your whole family to enjoy. Classical in the den and radio in the kitchen? Easy!
* Set a wakeup time and scene where your blinds go up with your lights gradually turning on while your favorite music plays over your bedroom speakers.
With Control4, you always get up on the right side of the bed.

Save money on your electricity bills by setting your lights to turn off automatically when a room is unoccupied for a certain amount of time, dimming your lights and hitting the ‘goodbye’ button when you leave the home, ensuring that everything’s switched off.

Control4 allows you to combine high tech with positive environmental impact, not only giving you control of your home, but also, making it easy to conserve precious resources like energy and time by organizing the different systems in your home to work together, Control4 provides effortless entertainment, comfort, convenience and peace of mind.

Keywords: control4, Home Automation, wireless home control,