Post Natal Massage Singapore

Post Natal Massage Singapore from Luana Therapy

By: Luana Therapy  09/05/2016
Keywords: Body Massage, Post Natal Massage, Home Massage

Benefits for postnatal:- Giving birth requires a lot of the energy to deliver the baby from a mother. Therefore, a woman feels pain all over her body particularly the abdomen, hips, and the lower and upper back after giving birth. This massage helps to increase the blood flow and the oxygen throughout your muscles as well as in eliminating toxins. The stroking and kneading action can help in toning and tightening the stretched muscles, especially the tummy and also helps mothers to get back to their pre-pregnancy shape. It helps your body to release endorphins, which acts as pain killers. It helps your body to release oxytocins, which play a significant role in milk production. By massaging your breasts, it helps in opening the milk ducts and loosening clumps to avoid possibility of developing mastitis. Reducing spasms, cramps and aches. It can also reduce the risk of developing postpartum depression. Massage is a good mood enhancer and stress buster.

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