Bird Control Installation and Application

Bird Control Installation and Application from Mastermark Bird Control

By: Mastermark Bird Control  13/06/2011
Keywords: Cleaning Services, Pest Control, Pest Management

Mastermark's application specialists install bird control measures quickly, and safely. They are certified abseilers, outfitted with internationally-approved personal protective equipment. They are also trained in the operation of usage of all major boom-lifts, personal lifters, scaffolding and gondolas.

Nest and egg removal, as well as cleaning and disinfection services, are also available.

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Other products and services from Mastermark Bird Control


Visual Deterrents

Bird-deterrent reflective tape and holographic, brightly coloured balloons give birds the impression of impending danger.


Distress/Harrassment Sound Systems

Sound systems use distress bird cries (scare tactic) or harassment noises (irritation tactic) to repel birds. Ultrasonic systems emit high

To Nature Bird Free Gel from Mastermark Bird Control thumbnail

To Nature Bird Free Gel

The main ingredients in To Nature are listed in US FDA's GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) list, a designation that a chemical or substance added to food is considered safe by experts. The stain-free gel can be applied on small plastic dishes that have little to no effect on the aesthetic of the affected area.

Anti-bird Netting from Mastermark Bird Control thumbnail

Anti-bird Netting

Besides being a long-term and cost-effective solutions, proper installation will render the netting virtually invisible. Fitted with stainless steel or aluminium accessories, this setup provides for an effective outdoor implementation and allows the net to withstand elements of the weather.

Masterspikes from Mastermark Bird Control thumbnail


Our fourth and latest version of MasterSpikes have enhanced pin angles that allow total exclusion to perching birds whilst keeping the pins as short as possible. This reduces the aesthetic impact on the area of implementation and keeps material costs low. MasterSpikes can be customised to fit bird infestation problems of different configurations including roof gutters and roof eaves.