MSP EP-2 Grease

By: MSP Solution  10/11/2011
Keywords: Grease, Msp, Metal Treatment

MSP EP-2 Grease is formulated with high quality base oils and Lithium Complex soap. The natural oxidation stability of this formulation is enhanced by effective oxidation inhibitors.

MSP EP-2 Grease combines high temperature stability, extreme pressure and outstanding anti-wear properties with excellent water resistance and rust and corrosion protection. MSP EP-2 Grease exhibits excellent mechanical stability which minimizes softening under severe shearing conditions.

MSP EP-2 Grease exhibits outstanding pumpability and may be applied by conventional lubricating equipment. MSP EP-2 Grease is usable over a wide temperature range. It will not harden or decompose under severe working conditions at elevated temperatures, and it does not soften excessively during high speed operation in rolling contact bearings.

MSP EP-2 Grease forms a good seal, which minimizes bearing contamination.

MSP EP-2 Grease, because of its outstanding properties, is a truly superior performing, multipurpose grease. Its track record indicates that its use will reduce equipment maintenance frequency and equipment down time 3 to 4 times.

Thanks to the scientifically engineered MSP OIL anti-wear additive, the equipment is protected for some time in case of loss of grease or grease pumping system failure.

Keywords: Grease, Lithium Complex, Metal Treatment, Metal Treatment Concentrate, Msp, MSP Solution,

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