Children Genius (3-6 years old)

Children Genius (3-6 years old) from Neumind

By: Neumind  24/09/2009
Keywords: Education, Family & Parenting Services, School

Children Genius Chinese
A highly interactive approach that introduces powerful
word recognition through thematic exercises to
achieve an all-rounded language proficiency and
deeper interest in reading.
Students develop an awareness of intelligence
quotient (IQ), emotional quotient (EQ), and creativity
quotient (CQ) elevation. It helps young minds to
develop reading fl uency and explore elements of good
writing skill. Stimulating and enhancing concentration,
observation, imagination and memory skill.

Children Genius English
Young children learn to read with ease and enjoyment,
through the utilization of pictorial phonics and an easyto-
understand approach to proper grammar. Aids the
development of a lifelong interest in learning.
Further young readers love of literature and story
telling while building basic skills through frequent
reading and writing experiences. Improves memory,
visualization, and conversational skills.

(Duration–2 hours per session,
once or twice weekly,
10 weeks per term)

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