Kinder Genius (3 - 6 years old)

Kinder Genius (3 - 6 years old) from Neumind

By: Neumind  24/09/2009
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A daily bilingual curriculum that focuses on meaningful
interaction and social skills in an environment with
total language immersion, with a gradual introduction
to learning with initiative and independence.
Preschoolers are introduced to a range of fun and
engaging activities that help them learn foundational
skills in various areas. They develop skills and creativity,
and become aware of basic concepts through hands on
experiences, games, interaction, exploration and
performances. With support and encouragement from
our educators, children enjoy multi-sensory learning
that helps them take the lead in developing their full

Kinder Genius curriculum:
Life Skills / Language Arts / Mathematics / Science /
Music and Movement / Visual Arts / Performing Arts /
Technology /

(Duration-3 hours per session,
5 days weekly,
10 weeks per term)

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