Leadership (Primary 1-6)

Leadership (Primary 1-6) from Neumind

By: Neumind  24/09/2009
Keywords: Education, Family & Parenting Services, School

Leadership in You
We nurture future leaders, emphasizing best performance
and leadership skills. Create individuals who
significantly affect the thoughts, feelings and behaviours
of others by motivating students to learn and
grow while achieving peak performance.
Students are introduced to a variety of activities that
enhance speed, stamina, agility, strength and flexibility.
Aimed at fostering skills, attitudes, and strategies that
empower students to make intelligent life choices as
they mature. The approach is holistic, supporting each
child as he or she develops and strengthens mind,
body and spirit.

(Duration–2 hours per session,
once or twice weekly,
10 weeks per term)

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