Leading Minds (Primary 1-6)

Leading Minds (Primary 1-6) from Neumind

By: Neumind  24/09/2009
Keywords: Education, Family & Parenting Services, School

Leading Minds Chinese
A cognitive learning approach with rigorous curriculum
that improves performance in school. Integrates
Ministry of Education’s latest syllabus while enhancing
vocabulary learning, grammar, comprehension understanding
and creative writing.
By experiencing the interrelationships between
language art and study skills, students broaden their
perspective and learn how to address situations
using ideas from multiple disciplines. Students fi nd
the curriculum as a whole to be highly engaging
and relevant. It provides them with the necessary
knowledge and skills for the future.

Leading Minds English

A carefully structured programme that guides your
child in developing successful learning techniques.
Expands on Ministry of Education’s latest syllabus to
spark powerful memory, critical thinking and literary
appreciation. Fosters the development and meaningful
application of discipline-specific skills and ensures that
students meet or exceed national education standards.

(Duration–2 hours per session,
once or twice weekly,
10 weeks per term)

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