NutriFirs Muscle Mass 600 (10lb)

NutriFirs Muscle Mass 600 (10lb) from NutriFirst Pte Ltd

By: NutriFirst Pte Ltd  28/07/2009
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Try NutriFirst Muscle Mass 600!

Whether you’re training for strength, body building, into sports or if you just need to put on the extra pounds, then this time tested weight gain supplement is the right product for you. Muscle Mass 600 was designed especially for elite athletes, but anyone can safely use this product to gain weight. Be confident that you will not just be adding fat calories, but healthy weight gain with an advanced macronutrient blend.

Muscle Mass 600 contains high protein content with superior quality, that will support the building of muscle mass. This great tasting, easy-mix product combines fast and slow digesting pure proteins to quickly nourish and sustain your muscles with a full load of Branch Chain Amino Acids, needed and drained during intense exercise or stress. Because BCAA’s are essential muscle fuel during training, Muscle Mass 600 will quickly build up your supply, and efficiently minimize skeletal muscle breakdown.

If you want to find the best weight gain supplement available to efficiently gain weight and gain muscle fast, try Muscle Mass 600 and get pure whey and high quality carbs for optimal protein synthesis, efficient cell repair and the body you’ve been working to get. When you want to gain weight, get the best weight gain supplement there it.

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