Turbine oil purifier/Oil demulsified system

Turbine oil purifier/Oil demulsified system from oil purifier

By: oil purifier  21/10/2010
Keywords: oil purifier

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  Application: It is used for treating turbine oil to remove water, air and impurities quickly, improve oil quality, make sure adjuster and transformer system work normally and delay the maintenance period of machine.   Features: 1. Dewater and break emulsification efficiently. Remove a quantity of water and moisture. As adopt break emulsification, the oil turn to be clear. 2. Filter impurities efficiently, auto-back flush can remove a quantity of impurities and the precious material can remove the tiny particles instead of the clean device of oil system. The feature can have the serious polluted oil system recover and reach the standard of the turbine oil pollution control standard 3. Hi-autoimmunization, small, convenience, reliable, and safety.  The purifier used infrared ray liquid level auto-control system. It can run without person operating so that have simple operation and reliable. TY oil purifier is especially for turbine oil, lubricating oil, hydraulic oil and so on.

Keywords: oil purifier