Introduction Thermocouple Indicator

Introduction Thermocouple Indicator from OMEGA Engineering Singapore

By: OMEGA Engineering Singapore  23/07/2015
Keywords: Engineering, Sensors, Thermocouple

Temperature & Process Meters, Industrial Timers and Counters Temperature indicators are widely used when there is a need to determine the temperature or to make a constant monitoring of the temperature in laboratory or in production process or in the process of research, where the changes of the temperature can make crucial influence on the results of work. For these purposes you will need an instrument that will take the measurement accurate and precise and will be a great helper to your work. The temperature indicator is an instrument that will measure and record the temperature you need to have measurements of. Temperature indicator is a high quality instrument that can be trusted with precise measurements and delicate matters. Temperature indicator has solid and comfortable to use. The big LED display makes measured data easy to read and the possibility to connect temperature indicator to PC makes it even better instrument as it allows you to transfer data to PC directly, without any mistakes, for further processing. There are variety of temperature indicator are available now days, like Thermocouple Indicator, RTD Indicator, Thermistor Indicator. OMEGA’s popular DP25B series are accurate, economical, and easy to program. The DP25B series feature a big bright four digit display plus optional dual 5 amp Form C (SPDT) relays and a choice of isolated or non-isolated analog output. The scalable 0-10 VDC, 0-20mA, or 4-20 mA analog output can be used as a retransmission of the display value or as a proportional control output as required. The microprocessor based DP25B series includes instruments for Thermocouple, RTD, Dual/Differential Thermocouple Indicator, Dual/Differential RTD, Process (DC voltage and current) Strain Gage, pH, ORP.

Keywords: Engineering, Indicator, Sensors, Thermocouple

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