microbial Air sampler

By: Pharmaceutical Services Corporation  25/11/2011
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“A microbial air sampler is an instrument to collect the air-borne microorganism”

  • Uses simple and ready-to-use agar contact plates for air and surface sampling.
  • Sample a known volume of air for a variable time to achieve a range of sampling volumes.
  • Aspirate air in laminar flow with sufficient velocity to impact airborne microorganisms onto agar surface for incubation and evaluation.
  • Establish data on the microbial level in the selected environments to monitor sanitization trend and control contamination.
  • Organize sequential sampling to obtain a more
  • Lightweight, Compact, Portable and Remote
  • Durable and Rugged
  • Optimized Performance and Quality Assurance
  • Brand Confidence and Product popularity
  • International Standard and Worldwide Service and Support Network
  • 25 years of Experience in 5 Continents
  • Largest and Complete Range of Options
  • Extensive Settings and Configurations
  • Versatile Operating Range
  • Total Traceability and Multi Language Options
  • Flexibility to use either RODAC Contact Plates or Standard Petri Dishes is required.
  • Inter-changeable heads and holders
  • Optional disposable heads
  • Fast flow rate of 180 l/min enables 10 m3 air sampling to be completed within 1 hr.
  • Sampling large volumes of air a short period of time (1 cubic meter sampling in less than 6 minutes)
  • Sequential sampling for “in operation” monitoring according to UPS recommendations
  • Pyramid shape for better stability in vertical stand-alone position and enhanced ergonomics.
  • Bi-directional communication (SAS Super Network) between one or more SAS Samplers.
  • Microbiological monitoring of clean room and other controlled environments and critical processes.
  • Facility Certification for Compliance Regulations
  • Quality Control and Inspection for Medicinal Products
  • Performance monitoring, Evaluation Verification and Trouble shooting
  • HACCP/GLP/GMP Application and Assessment
  • Air/Surface Contamination
  • Air Quality and Bio-aerosol Assessment in the Indoor environment
  • Environmental Microbiology and Biotechnology Research and Validation
  • For the Pharmaceutical, Healthcare and Food Industries
  • Performance in compliance with ISO 14698‐1
  • USP Chapter <1116> and 21‐CFR 11 compliant
  • Up to 300 sampling cycles memorized
  • Up to 10 sequential sampling cycles for “in operation” monitoring according to USP recommendations.
  • Delay start of up to 60 minutes.
  • Interval sampling with fully programmable parameters for “in operation” monitoring
  • Sampling rate is constantly and accurately maintained by speed sensor ‐ incorrect aspiration automatically aborts cycle
  • Additional Flexibility to use 55mm Contact Plates (U.S., or European made), 84 mm Maxi Contact Plates or 90mm standard Petri Dishes.
  • Fully autoclavable heads
  • Choice of flow rate, high speed sampling and reduced sampling time range from 360 / 180 / 100 liters air flow per minute (Example: 1000 liters in less than 3 min with SAS SUPER 360 model)
  • Autonomy is ideal for low contamination environments such as the Clean Room where it is necessary to effectively test a large volume of air.
  • Advanced electronics technology for reliable results in different operating conditions
  • Infrared remote control (optional)

  • Easy communication: infrared transfer of sampling data to PC or printer
  • Bi‐directional port to input and output data to a central unit from 1 to 24 samplers
  • Design avoids turbulence in unidirectional air flow and re‐aspiration of tested air in accordance with ISO specifications
  • Automatic time calibration reminder
  • Sampler can be operated whilst attached to mains. Suitability in isolators.
  • Large LCD with illuminated touch screen panel
  • Certified aspirating head in aluminum, stainless steel or plastic “Disposable Head”
  • All operator commands via touch / keypad for easier cleaning

SAS Isolators

Specifically designed for critical air monitoring inside isolator and in barrier environments.
Programmable unit remains outside the controlled area Independent sampling head may be positioned anywhere in the isolator.
Complete isolation of controller from controlled environment
Fully sanitizable sampling unit

Keywords: Air Quality, Calibration, Clean Room, Laboratory, Microbial, Pharmaceutical, Qualification, Validation

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