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By: PoolRx- Singapore  22/09/2009
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Recipe for a sparkling clear pool:

  • Just place unit in pump basket or skimmer on side of pool.
  • The PoolRX Unit is good for up to 20,000 gallon pool (more minerals may be required if pool is larger than 20,000 gallons - see table below).
  • The PoolRX Unit needs to be replaced at least beginning of every second swim season.

A. Inside the PoolRx unit, which you install in the pump basket in your pool, there is metal rod with Silver, Copper and Zinc in a special configurement, which creates a unique and patented mineral formula. When in contact with water, the minerals dissolve out of the PoolRx unit and circulate through your pool, breaking down your pools algae and bacteria. Once spent, the minerals then regain their ionic charge as water repasses through the PoolRx unit that is in your pump basket. The mineral combination of PoolRx forms a stable natural mineral content in the water, which kills algae and bacteria and viruses but is completely safe for humans. 

A. Yes.  When we get the occasional calls that PoolRx is “not working,” what we find is one of five things. 

1) The pump motor is not working properly … 

2) The filter is clogged …  

3) The pool volume/size has not been calculated correctly; hence not enough PoolRx units have been used. 

4) You have not replaced your PoolRx minerals in a timely manner. 

5) The pool maintenance man has taken the main PoolRx unit out of the pool basket; mistakenly thinking it is “spent” as the core has hollowed out.  Again, until the one-year mark do not take it out of the basket. It is still effective and working with the minerals that have dissolved in your pool.

A. Yes, we know from years of success that PoolRx works and why we are willing to offer you a money back guarantee. We have a 99.9% retention of customers once they start using it.

A. You first turn off the pool pump.  Then, you take the PoolRx unit(s) out of the package and put it in the pump basket of your pool. And then you turn the pool pump back on.

The number of liters of water in the pool will determine how many PoolRx units/boosters you need to put in the pump basket.

A. You will need one PoolRx unit for every 80,000 liters of water in your pool.  i.e. One PoolRx unit for a pool with 80,000 liters, and two PoolRx units for a pool of 160,000 liters.  In addition, if you have an in-between size (i.e. 120,000 liter pool), you will install one unit and one PoolRx booster.  As another example, if your pool were 200,000 liters, you would install two PoolRx Units plus one PoolRx booster.  We have prepared a chart for you to make this simple to understand. One chart shows you how many liters of water you have based on your pool size. The second chart shows you have many total PoolRx units and boosters you will need based on your pool size. 

You should note that most home pools are less than 80,000 liters, requiring just one PoolRx unit. 

A, You will put in your main PoolRx unit(s) once a year, and then you will put PoolRx mineral boosters in the pool water every four to six months. At the end of twelve months you will replace the main PoolRx unit(s) in your pool filter basket with a new one, but you do not take it out before then.

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