All about Aromatherapy Workshop

By: Pro Academy  23/12/2011
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Discover the beauty of aromatherapy through this informative workshop, where you learn the use of various essential oils to reduce pain, anxiety or eczema-induced itching, enhance energy, improve short-term memory, or for relaxation purposes.

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Scents of Vitality

What is Aromatherapy and why it is good for you       Importance of Essential Oils & Natural Ingredients       Benefits of Aromatherapy – How to Inhale correctly       Benefits of Aromatherapy – Physical Application       Benefits of Aromatherapy – Massages, Baths       Safety Concerns with use of Aromatherapy     


Understanding Crystals and Stones Workshop

Myths behind Crystals & Stones       The Real Truths about Crystals & Stones       Choosing Crystals & Stones       Connecting with Crystals & Stones       Cleansing, Charging & Programming Crystals & Stones Attuning to Crystals & Stones


Aromatic First Aid Workshop

Overview of Aromatherapy       The Emergency 5 Essential Oils       Methods of Application       Recipes for different situations using essential oils


D.I.Y Aromatherapy Workshop

Customizing Aromas for De-Stressing, Rejuvenation,  Detoxifying, PMS, Depression, Memory , and Concentration       The Therapeutic Approach       Healing through Your Senses       Hands-on practice guided by PRO Trainer


1 - 1 Personal MakeUp

Learning how to work with your face shape and features       Identifying your eye setting and lip shape       Essential Makeup Techniques       Introducing Colours       Planning Your Everyday Look Creating Your Party Look


Basics 1,2,3 Make Up Workshop

Selecting of makeup equipment       Primers, Foundation & Colour Selection       Types of Concealers       The Art of Contouring       Eyeshadows, Eyeliners & False Eyelashes Cheeks & Lips