Sony DXC-D55 Studio Video Camera

Sony DXC-D55 Studio Video Camera from Profi Ent

By: Profi Ent  22/03/2010
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Clear stocks sale! The use of the new Power HAD EX CCDs, 14 bit A/D conversion, plus new Advanced Digital signal Processing, combine to deliver picture quality which is unmatched at the price.
High sensitivity

A high sensitivity of F11 at 2000 lux, and a minimum illumination of just 0.5 lux (36 dB gain, F1.4) enable the camera to operate in extremely low light levels. At the same time, the noise level of the camera is very low, at 63dB (PAL). When used in production studios, lighting levels can be reduced, with consequent savings in energy costs.
Simple operation

Recognizing the importance of making camera operation as quick and straightforward as possible, the DXC-D55/D55WS camera provides two highly convenient "EZ Functions", enabling operators to start shooting with minimum set-up procedures, and in less time.

EZ Mode
Settings for key camera parameters are instantly set to the standard or auto position by simply pressing the EZ Mode button - making the camera instantly ready for shooting. This feature is very convenient when operators require fast camera set-up within a limited time frame.

EZ Focus
The EZ Focus function allows accurate focus adjustments without manually opening the lens iris. Simply by pushing the EZ Focus button, the iris automatically opens to reduce the depth of field and make focusing significantly easier. At the same time, the electronic shutter is automatically set to obtain the correct exposure.
Simple design for easy operability

The DXC-D55 series body design is simplified compared to the DXC-D35 series. The 'EZ mode' setting buttons are now set underneath a sliding door with a see-through window. This helps the camera operator to avoid miss-operation of the switch while shooting. In addition, the type of menu setting switch and its position were changed for improved accessibility
Switch-able 16:9/4:3 operation

The DXC-D55WSPL is equipped with a high resolution 16:9 CCD imager, and can be used for both conventional 4:3 and widescreen (16:9 format) acquisi

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