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By: Raffles Translation Services  05/04/2011
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Indonesian Translations

is one of the major foreign languages needed in the Asian hub of Singapore. This is not only because there are many Singapore enterprises operating in Indonesia, but also because there are a lot of international conferences or seminars or exhibitions involving Indonesian being held in Singapore, not to speak of million of Indonesian tourists visiting Singapore each month. 

As a local translation company, Raffles Translation Services specializes in Indonesian Translation.

Raffles Translation Services is a Singapore company that offers professional translation, interpreting, website localization and other language-related services. The excellence of our services has its root in three main strengths: Quality, Speed and Affordable Price. You may not have known who Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles is, but you will definitely know the valuable legacy he left to Singapore, where Raffles stands for ELEGANCE, EXCELLENCE and FIRST-CLASS. That’s why we have in Singapore Raffles Hotel, Raffles Education, Raffles Hospital and Raffles Club, as well as Raffles Translation.

With the name Raffles, we all intend to represent the best of “Singapore Quality” and differentiate ourselves in a crowded marketplace.


We translate, edit and proofread all types of texts with the highest quality at the most competitive prices. Having strong pool of accredited full-time translators available and a relentless quality assurance system in place, we can assure you that your project, be it small or big, will be delivered to you to your full satisfaction.


We provide the world-class interpreters for both simultaneous and consecutive interpretations required for international conferences, seminars, workshops, business talks, and business travels, etc.

Website Localization

Linguistic quality, consistency and hands-on acquaintance of the target market will assure a tailor-made adaptation of your website from source language to any target language.

Desktop Publishing

Our DTP specialists work closely with native linguists and translators, ensuring the perfect combination of technological know-how and linguistic expertise. We also support applications on both PC and Macintosh platforms.

Raffles means quality.
Raffles means choice.
Raffles means flexibility.
Raffles means reliability and peace of mind.

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