Laparoscopy Inguinal Hernia Surgery

Laparoscopy Inguinal Hernia Surgery from S H Ho Urology And Laparoscopy Centre

By: S H Ho Urology And Laparoscopy Centre  29/11/2009
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Inguinal hernia can occur in young, middle aged or elderly men. It causes discomfort which may or may not be associated with a lump over the groin region. It can occur on one or both sides of the groin which is located at the lower part of the abdomen.
Inguinal hernia is a defect in the muscle wall of the abdomen. It will not heal on its own or with medications. This defect can only be corrected with a surgical repair.
Traditionally, this has been done with a surgical incision measuring about 5cm over the hernia and the defect is closed by placing several surgical stitches.
Laparoscopy hernia repair avoids the need for making a surgical cut on the body. Several 5mm punctures are made on the abdomen to allow the laparoscopy instruments to repair the hernia with a thin synthetic mesh. There is no need for stitching as the mesh is specially designed to close the hernia defect.
Laparoscopy hernia repair is leas painful and results in a quicker recovery with excellent long term results. It is done as a day surgery procedure without the need for hospital stay.

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