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 Sealantern Electronics Co., Ltd. is a Hi-tech enterprise that mainly produces marine electronic products.

Directed by high level technology, Sealantern integrates the R&D and manufacturing, follows the IMO's new regulation and aims the international market to enlarge its productive range and development. We are pursuing a company culture based on the satisfaction of people's demand and excellent production quality. Our manufacturing process strictly follows the quality controlling system and had been approved by the BVQI ISO9001:2000. Promoting the marine products development is Sealantern's eternal pursuit.

For many years, Sealantern unites with the electronics institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the electronics department of Tianjin University, and successfully developed a variety of marine electronic devices, such as the SLT-01C Marine Growth Preventing System, SLT-02A Impressed Current Cathodic Protecting System, SLT-08C Cargo Hold Water Ingress Detecting System, SLT-06A Integrated Monitoring & Alarming System and SLT-09A Dewatering System. Besides, we have developed the Pt100 Temperature Sensor, which is the representative marine instrument of temperature monitoring. It features the advantages of anti high-temperature and anti-vibration. Moreover, our company has developed the SLT-18C Simplified Voyage Data Recorder(S -VDR) according to the regulation of SOLAS Amendment V/20.2.

Sealantern takes advantage of its reliable production quality and excellent performance-price ratio; our products are widely approved and appreciated by domestic and international customers.

★ Tightly cooperating with electronics institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and electronics department of Tianjin University, Sealantern is full of technical advantages.
★ Being strictly abided by ISO9000 standard, all of our products go through a 72-hour high-temperature aging testing. Our production quality is absolutely reliable.
★ Excellent equipments and professional staffs ensure excellent and reliable qualities of our products.
★ Specialized design ensures our marine products to be good-looking, well-structured and easy to maintain and repair.
★ We are equipped with professional maintenance and repairing teams; all of our products are guaranteed for their whole working lives.

Here is a list of our main products:

Anti-corrosion, anti-pollution (Marine Growth Preventing System & Impressed Current Cathodic Protecting System):
These are copper-aluminum and seawater-electrolyzing marine growth preventing equipments produced by Sealantern Electronics. There are three technical levels (high、medium and low) of products available upon various kinds of users' demands. We are providing different types of products servicing from petroleum exploiting to inshore/oceangoing voyaging. In addition, Sealantern provides various kinds of marine growth preventing system and anti-corrosion, anti-pollution devices featuring copper-aluminum electrodes, platinum-titanium electrodes and titanium-covered oxide electrodes. As well, the maintenance and repair for electrical-controlling spare parts and relevant products can be provided upon users' requests.
Our impressed current catholic protecting devices are mainly used on marine petroleum platforms, ships, harbor facilities and underground pipelines. Moreover, they can be used for underground, in-water and chemical medium equipments and architectural equipments.

Temperature instrument and meters (Pt100, thermocouple etc):
Collaborated with the National Sensor Center of Chinese Academy of Science (CAS) and the Electronics Department of Tianjin University, Sealantern has successfully developed a variety of measuring instruments for marine usage. Particularly, our Pt100 temperature sensor for diesel systems at high temperature has reached an advanced level in the world, which can satisfy all relevant demands with its excellent shockproof performance and high temperature (up to 850℃) resisting performance. Our Pt100 sensor cores are specifically from Germany and Japan. They have reached a 100g shockproof performance, a 10g vibration-proof performance as well as a 5mA measuring current.

The SLT-06A Integrated Monitoring & Alarm System:
1. Being remotely monitored by the Ethernet; it is stably performing, high temperature and humidity resistant and anti-jamming. It matches the regulations of RMC; can be widely used.
2. Embedded system applied. It has real time functioning ability, a high performance-price ratio and low energy consumption
3. It is capable of expanding network nodes; intellectualized controller and data acquisition module are applied to accomplish real-time monitoring tasks.
4. Providing man-machine conversation interface; it is capable of real time recording, printing, duty printing, extending alarming and Motorman Calling.
5. It is capable of periodically saving for important data and trend analysis
6. It can be used in many occasions which require monitoring and alarming. In areas of marine industry, it is mainly applied to marine engine rooms to monitor temperature, pressure, and water level controlling systems as well as the analysis and research of important marine equipments.

The SLT-08C Cargo Hold Water Ingress Detective System:
The SLT-08C cargo hold water ingress detective system is developed and produced exclusively for the update of SOLAS requirement. Based on the satisfactions of every special regulation of IMO and SOLAS, this device fully satisfies the demands of anti-vibration for main basic machine, anti-explosion, anti-acid, anti-alkali and anti-corrosion for cargo hold liquid-level detecting sensors, as well as waterproof for the connection terminal of liquid-level sensors. Meanwhile, the harsh environment on cargo ships and the volume limitation of cargo hold are also considered. To ensure the safety and reliability of ship equipments, this device equips the programmable logic controller (PLC) made by Mitsubishi Company of Japan. Also, products made by SENSE Company of Germany are adopted for the capacitive pressure liquid-level sensors. Moreover, accessories are also equipped by famous brand products from Japan and Germany. This ensures the reliability and durability of this device.

The SLT-09A/B Dewatering Control System:
This marine controlling system is also exclusively developed to comply with the new regulations of SOLAS XII. The German made EHS-D/Q and STR hydraulic pressure implementer are equipped for the driving system. In addition, the electrical-liquid power unit is absolutely waterproof, and it has reached a protecting level of IP68. To ensure the reliability of this controlling device, the programmable logic controller (PLC) made by Mitsubishi Company of Japan is equipped for the main computer. Besides, other accessories are also equipped by famous brand products from Japan, Germany and Taiwan. This device not only satisfies every requirement of alarming ability prescribed by the regulation, but also satisfies many special operational requirements such as anti-vibration and waterproof.

The SLT-18C Simplified Voyage Data Recorder:
This product is developed according to the new SOLAS Amendment V/20.2 from IMO. It is an intelligent device for the purpose of recording and saving the important data during the voyage. It totally complies with the IEC61996 international standard. We are the first manufacturer in the world who firstly developed the special S-VDR which integrates the audio grabber, radar grabber and a 14-way RS422 isolated ports on a single board. The main controlling computer produced by the Advantech which is the largest industrial computer manufacturer all over the world is featured with the embedded fanless design and long-term reliable operation.

Sealantern's people are always paying much attention on any new developments of IMO and keeping our company to be abreast of new technologies of the international marine field. We are dedicating to the prosperity of Chinese marine industry.

Keywords: Marine Equipments, Marine Spare Parts, Sealantern Electronics

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