Unified-ITF Seminar & Testing in UK, London 31st July 2013

By: SG Taekwon-Do School  30/10/2013
Keywords: Martial Art, Unified International Taekwon-Do Federation, Grandmaster Hwang Kwang Sung

Senior Grandmaster Hwang Kwang Sung conducted Testing & Promotion for a group of Junior Black Belts to 2nd & 3rd Dan respectively. Some Senior Black Belts from 5th Degree to 6th Degree and a hand full from 6th Degree to 7th Degree, Master level. After testing, Senior Grandmaster Hwang starts the seminar with patterns (Tuls) training from Color Belts to 1st Degree. Prior to the seminar, Senior Grandmaster Hwang gave a short history of Taekwon-Do and General Choi’s legacy. He told every instructors at the seminar that the techniques he teaches comes from General Choi’s Taekwon-Do and not his. Senior Grandmaster Hwang commented that every instructor should follow and teach General Choi’s Taekwon-Do and not creating own techniques, claiming theirs are better. In the seminar, there were many instructors coming from different countries like USA, UK, Ireland, Italy, Holland, Singapore, South Africa & Australia. Senior Grandmaster Hwang called for some instructors to perform different Color Belt tuls and explain their mistakes. He also pointed out what the instructor should look out for during training and teaching of our students. During the Black Belts tuls, Senior Grandmaster Hwang commented about the Po-Eun tul movement 4-11 should it be “Fast Motion” or 6-12 should be "Continuous Motion”. Reason was that in the Taekwon-Do Encyclopedia some version stated “Fast Motion” and some newer version stated “Continuous Motion”. His only regret was that he didn’t spot this issue earlier to ask General Choi which was the right one. Senior Grandmaster Hwang urged every instructor to search if there were any old video Taekwon-Do Seminar conducted by General Choi and see if General Choi did comment of the Po-Eun tul 4 - 11 movement should be “Fast Motion” or 6-12 should be “Continuous Motion".

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