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By: SG Turf Shop  29/03/2010
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Zoysia Matrella, commonly known as Manila Grass or even Siglap Grass in the Singapore context, is a mat-forming perennial grass distinguished by 2 varieties namely, var. matrella and var. pacifica.

It forms extensive, velvety, green mats, spreading vigorously by stolons, or occasionally by rhizomes, once established. Z. matrella grows in low elevation preferring sandy soils where other grasses establish poorly. The stems are slender and prostrate, ranging from 5-25 cm in length. The leaves are alternate, produced at 1.5-3 cm intervals along the stem; they are slender, 2-10 cm long and 1-3 mm broad. The flowers are greenish, produced on erect racemes 6-35 mm long with a single 2-3.5 mm flower in each spikelet.

Manila grass is grown as an ornamental grass, and is used for turf on golf courses in Asia, Europe and the Americas, as a lawn grass in the United States. In addition to its ability to grow on sandy soils, it tolerates high salinity, making it ideal for erosion control and lawns in coastal areas.

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