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Monshura Master Stem Cells from Singapore Nutrition Centre

By: Singapore Nutrition Centre  26/09/2009
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 Monshura Master Stem Cell Therapy: Stem Cell extract from Ovine Placenta combined with Lecithin and Vitamin E is specially compounded using state-of-the-art pharmaceutical manufacturing technology to provide a rich source of nutrients, growth factors and bioactive might contribute to the physical development of a body, rejuvenate skin condition, stimulate the immune system and hormonal balance. The destruction of sheep placenta has been minimized and its activities have been maximized. Because of synergism, Monshura Master StemCells could provide amazing effects that cannot be achieved by either StemCells Extract from Ovine Placenta, Vitamin E or Lecithin alone.   Ovine Placenta Extract (with high concentration of Stem Cells): Our body is made up of some 4 trillion regular cells. When these cells die, they can only replicate their own kind. The quantity of cells decreases with age. By age 45, most adults produce less than 2% of the cells they had at birth leading to aging of the skin and lowering of healing rates. Stem Cells are a group of specialized cells that have the ability to differentiate and produce any kind of cells in the body replacing damaged or degenerated ones. For those with more serious conditions and degenerative diseases, stem cells may present a unique healing opportunity.   Vitamin E is an important antioxidant for effective skin care. It can protect the   skin from damages by free radicals, reduce the UV damage in skin cells, and increase   miniaturization, and is the essential component in modern cosmetic products.   Lecithin is a good emulsifying agent that can help with the metabolism of fat in blood and the prevention of hypertension, stroke, heart attack, and arteriosclerosis   as well as the maintenance of the nerve system of the brain.

Keywords: Health Supplements, Nutrition Centre, Vitamins

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