Why go Sinohotel.com?

Why go Sinohotel.com? from sinohotel.com

By: sinohotel.com  19/12/2008
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Since 1999, Sinohotel has handled online hotel bookings in China for more than 500,000 customers, usually offering the best hotel discounts available on the Internet. And with every booking Sinohotel customers also earn rewards points which can be used for additional cash savings on future bookings with Sinohotel at any of its about 5,000 hotels in China and more than 30,000 worldwide.

These incredible savings and industry–leading rewards program are complemented by sinohotel uniquely customer–friendly 24/7 service. Customers can use online enquiry to reach sinohotel from anywhere with an Internet connection, or contact us via telephone or email. Discounted hotel deals and offers are announced via email and posted on the site each month.

Sinohotel was created by local chinese travelers, have well known about Chinese travel market, aimed at the overseas market. Sinohotel is a truly independent Chinese company. Unlike the other major travel sites, sinohotel is not part of a government bureaucracy, an airline association or a publicly traded conglomerate. sinohotel is run, owned and managed by people who care about travel and have committed their lives to it. Sinohotel always charges the lowest price possible, and is always searching for new sources of hotels. So with sinohotel, customers will find more selection of hotels as well as better prices. sinohotel is constantly expanding it locations to include more and more cities around the world. And we also have airlines and tour products in each citiese in China. Sinohotel is always accountable to customers and partners, always reachable, always connected. Today customers need an online company that stands by its promises and prices, and values service above all. From the moment you interact with Sinohotel, you'll see the real human service behind the technology.

Sinohotel's aim is to promote and embrace multiculturalism by making authentic and valuable travel experiences more accessible to more people, whether traveling for business or pleasure. Part of promoting travel is making it affordable and manageable. Sinohotel finds the prices that locals pay, the deals that 'people in the know' get and offers them to all Sinohotel customers through easy–to–use websites and email alerts. Repeat customers get even bigger savings through our Sinohotel Rewards program. Sinohotel goes the extra mile to offer you not only great prices, but also the latest technology to help you select a hotel, get fast confirmation, and quickly execute your decisions. Our team in China focuses its efforts on getting great prices and delivering a world–class product, so you won't see Sinohotel advertising on every television and billboard in your country. Sinohotel customers and members of our travel community are our best advocates, telling friends and sharing their travel experiences on Sinohotel.com. Sinohotel reaches its audience one–satisfied customer at a time.

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