IT Security Infrastructure Design & Implementation

By: Stefan Security  14/07/2011
Keywords: Network Security, Firewall, Internet Security

By re-visiting the design of your existing security and following best practices in new deployments, customers can gain maximum benefit
while making ongoing management less draining. Having a clear architecture as a framework, and making the most appropriate use of products and services you can reduce your exposure to risk while being able to 'do more with less'.


We understand that every business and industry is unique and that every project will require a tailored approach. Our success formula is based on gathering the information and listening to individual client needs, and based from those information, building an effective delivery framework from a vendor neutral position. We have the framework/standard to design and build the IT Security Infrastructure but we will need to customize it based from customer’s requirement.

We believe success in business is built on relationships that are founded on trust, integrity and clear lines of communication, supported by technology. It is your business and we believe in providing the complementary skills, approach and tools to deliver against your objectives while ensuring you retain control over what is happening.

Our goal is to increase security and data privacy without damaging productivity using simple design,secure solution and robust performance.

  • Firstly, ascertain precisely what you expect from the engagement, and clarify these requirements in a scope document.
  • Gather information on the existing IT environment. This phase will be conducted with the minimum disturbance to systems and staff, via documents, interviews, and hands-on investigation.
  • The deliverable takes the form of a recommendations report and optional project plan. Depending on the client's requirements this phase may involve the hands-on project management and implementation of the recommendations on your production systems.

Research & Technology:

In order to keep up to date of the latest developments in attack and security technology, we carefully monitor security web sites and chat rooms. In addition to this, we have our own lab with the heterogeneous of OS and popular 3 party applications to do some testing and prove of concept. During the execution of our duties we routinely use a mixture of tools from many resources.


Upon implementation of an improved design for IT Infrastructure Security, you will be well positioned to cope with current business demands and unpredictable challenges of the future. A better design will reduce time spent fire-fighting allowing staff to be more pro-active. Sophisticated security systems should not need an army to run if implemented wisely.

A better IT security infrastructure design delivers measurable advantages:

Everything comes out from the design and implementation phases. If the IT security infrastructure design was done carefully, it will deliver few advantages as written below:

  • 1.Lower total cost of ownership for IT systems.
  • 2.More effective use of capital through efficient network topology.
  • 3.Reduced frequency and impact of human errors or misconfiguration.
  • 4.Reduced impact of '0 day' vulnerabilities.
  • 5.Faster, safer new deployment of systems.

Keywords: Firewall, Firewall deployment, Internet Security, Network Security,

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