AMAZON – Latest by The Designed by Nature collection

AMAZON – Latest by The Designed by Nature collection from The Jewel Box

By: The Jewel Box  17/11/2008
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Creativity gone dramatically wild!

The Jewel Box announces the arrival of AMAZON, the master piece from the its "Designed by Nature" collection. Every piece in the Designed by Nature collection of one-off jewellery exhibits unique quality of Nature – be it shape, colour, tone, distinctive markings or patterns - in her gems. The Jewel Box designers have merely given a setting, a stage for Nature’s own creations to flaunt her intrinsic splendour; particularly her quixotic traits, marvellous idiosyncrasies and delicate sensuality. Rather than fit a gem into a specific pattern, our designers coaxed these jewels to speak their tale and only then to the drawing board they went. Because these stones are individually unique, producing more than one of each is virtually impossible.

Sizzling under the tropical sun the AMAZON is as wild and beautiful as the Amazon forests it draws inspiration from. Feel the heat with this avant-garde necklace where contrasting emotions and elements combine with irresistible wit.

Our designers were compelled to push the technical boundaries of coral, gold and diamonds in this masterpiece. Every detail of the jewel was carefully studied - from its functional aspect to structural design, from the intricate detailing to its captivating intrigue. The sheer intensity of the Mediterranean coral, exotic animalia design, and masterful craftsmanship has produces a dramatic fashion statement.

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Keywords: Jewellery, Jewellery : Retail