The Designed by Nature collection

The Designed by Nature collection from The Jewel Box

By: The Jewel Box  17/11/2008
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The Designed by Nature collection

Award-winning private jeweller The Jewel Box has launched a limited collection of spectacular one-off jewellery pieces aptly called Designed by Nature.

Art inspired by nature has become a trifle passe. Art imitating nature... why imitate at all? Why not take the Creator’s creations and display them in all its original organic beauty? Hence, the Designed by Nature collection of one-off jewellery, each piece there to exhibit a unique quality of Nature – be it shape, colour, tone, distinctive birthmarks or patterns in her gems. Each jewel has its own delightful story to tell, no two the same.

The Jewel Box designers have merely given a setting, a stage for Nature’s own creations to flaunt her intrinsic splendour; particularly her quixotic traits, marvellous idiosyncrasies and delicate sensuality.

Rather than fit a gem into a specific pattern already in their minds, our designers allowed themselves to be guided by intuition. The design process began contemplating upon these never-seen-before creations of Nature discovered by Mr Vinod More during extensive travel. The designers coaxed these jewels to speak their tale and only then to the drawing board they went. Because these stones are individually unique, producing more than one of each is virtually impossible.

The stones chosen are not necessarily “precious” or even “semi-precious” stones in the formal definition. However, they are beautiful and special: each these individually handpicked stones – for instance, corals, moldavites, jade, ambers, opals and rhodocrosites – have some distinguishing quality about them separating them from the ordinary, marking them as a gem among gems.

Handpicked and then handcrafted in the expert hands of jewellers using time-honoured techniques of exquisite intricacy, Nature’s creations become extraordinary pieces of jewellery – to be collected, worn as a prominent fashion statement, or passed on as family heirlooms.

The Jewel Box has succeeded in setting the stage for the Creator’s creations to be resplendently displayed in the form of contemporary yet timeless jewellery designs.

*Image shown in this press release is one of the many pieces in this collection.

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he Jewel Box’s award-winning pieces are synonymous with high fashion and impeccable taste. Whether selecting a gift for a special occasion, commissioning a repair for a family heirloom or splashing out on a personal treat, clients have come rely to on The Jewel Box professional and personalized advice and opinion – imparted always in the utmost confidence. Through long-standing connections worldwide, the team works with some of the finest master craftsmen and respected diamond and gem specialists in the industry.

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The Jewel Box’s designs often incorporate unique materials – and they always possess universal appeal. As a full-service private jeweler, The Jewel Box also provides consultation and services for the purchase of solitaire diamonds and precious stones, customization, resetting and repair as well as corporate gift ideas.

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The Jewel Box’s client has a discerning eye for superior craftsmanship and critical standards for impressive design as well as the highest expectation for unrivalled attentiveness. The Jewel Box’s client also selects gem and jewellery with fine judgement and is savvy about current trends.

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Keywords: Jewellery, Jewellery : Retail