The Henna Collection

The Henna Collection from The Jewel Box

By: The Jewel Box  17/11/2008
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The Henna Collection

The Jewel Box has launched its Henna Collection – a stunning alchemy of ancient traditions and contemporary sensibilities. Comprising one-of-a-kind designs, the Henna Collection displays the hallmarks of The Jewel Box creation: intricate and labour-intensive handcraftsmanship, hand-picked materials and exquisite designs. Designs that embody deep cultural traditions with a perennial elegance suited to the present, and certainly in the future.

In tune with a fashion trend sweeping both the West and East, the exotic art of henna has adorned the bodies of Madonna, Demi Moore, Neve Campbell, Gwen Stefani and Prince. Inspired by Mendhi designs, the art of painting the skin with henna (an ink made from an oriental shrub) has been transformed into intricate, wearable jewellery for the woman wishing a modern look inspired by an ancient tradition.

Mr. Vinod More, director and gemologist of The Jewel Box, is a traveller who has criss-crossed major cities of the world and towns off the beaten road in search of precious gems, those solitary and unique stones for his one-off creations. Likewise, his team of jewellery designers travel across time and space with eyes and heart wide open, absorbing the elemental beauty of Nature, attentive to the beauty in her apparent randomness, observing the ‘chaos’ of design – the flow of lines curving and weaving a magnificent coral; the ingenious and delicate filigree of a leaf’s dried-out skeleton; the undulating texture of a beach in Goa. These collective sights and emotions have been distilled into the Henna Collection – natural beauty which can be impeccably worn.

The centerpiece of the jewellery from the Henna Collection is usually a gemstone with singular qualities handpicked by Vinod from among thousands of samples, forcing the Henna Collection to be exclusive. The selected stones range from agate and onyx, to rhodochrosite and smoky quartz. Each possesses individual qualities which become part of the whole design. Diamonds give a lustrous sparkle day or night; some pieces from this collection have hundreds of diamonds!

The ‘henna’ used is yellow, white or rose gold. Like henna on a lady’s hand, the fine lacework of gold is wrapped over the stone, rather than embedding it into, and thus compromising, the material. The intricate handcrafted lacework draw their vision from nature – paisley, coral, rivers; even the pattern of cracked parched earth Vinod walked on in India. The Henna Collection is a celebration of Nature’s uncommon beauty surrounding us which so often we miss. With the Henna Collection, this beauty is now impossible to overlook. It commands attention. As in Nature, however complicated her design may appear, the final look afforded is one of irresistible elegance.

The Henna Collection defies the fickleness of fashion, transcending ephemeral trends to give its owners jewellery with timeless and enduring designs; indeed, worthy of becoming precious heirlooms for generations to come. True beauty never goes out of style; such is the lasting quality of The Jewel Box creations.

The Henna Collection is available at The Jewel Box private gallery - call +65 6733 4100 for details. Some pieces from the Henna Collection can be customised to suit individual tastes.

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Keywords: Jewellery, Jewellery : Retail