Unified-ITF Seminar & Testing in Australia, Brisbane 17th – 18th March 2013

By: Unified International Taekwon-Do Federation Singapore  30/10/2013
Keywords: Martial Art, Unified International Taekwon-Do Federation, Grandmaster Hwang Kwang Sung

Sabum Kenneth Kuah, BooSabum Katherine Hsu and Bo0Sabum Thomas Kuah were invited to Australia, Brisbane Sunshine Coast for the Taekwon-Do Seminar conducted by Senior Grandmaster Hwang Kwang Sung. The Seminar was organized by Senior Master Jamine Moore of Worldwide Taekwon-Do. Starts of the seminar, Senior Grandmaster Hwang provide some history of General Choi and his Taekwon-Do. Senior Grandmaster Hwang told us he had the opportunity to be taught and trained personally by General Choi only when he was a master. During the Seminar we were taught and practice of sine-wave, momentum, timing and techniques of all Color Belts patterns (Tuls); including Black Belts Tuls to 4th Degree. Near end to the first day of the seminar, Senior Grandmaster Hwang conducted a Black Belt testing & promotion for 3 candidates, Sabum Kenneth Kuah for his 5th Degree, BooSabum Robert Rabbet and BooSabum Peter Wolstencroft for their 4th Degree. Senior Grandmaster Hwang commented that he was impressed with Sabum Kenneth Kuah’s testing that his tuls were well performed and he self-taught his 4th Degree tuls.

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