CS-II Paint Preservation System

CS-II Paint Preservation System from Unique Car Beauty Shop

By: Unique Car Beauty Shop  07/06/2009
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 The naturally damp and high humidity environment in Asia is not an ideal environment for any car paintwork. Most vehicle manufacturers deliver their vehicles to the dealers in a storage protection wax to ensure that the vehicle’s paint work remains in showroom condition from the day it leaves the factory.
However, once you take delivery of the car it is only the penetration of rust into the bodywork and actual separation of the paint from the bodywork that are guaranteed. The condition of the paint work and the protection against the environment are down to you as the owner.
Also, when the vehicles are being shipped over from other countries, they are highly exposed to the highly concentrated salt vapor from the sea for a long period of time before they reach the mainland. Thus, the salt content has already been attacking the exterior of your car’s paint for a long exposed period of time. So our PPS will act as a strengthening agent on your car’s exterior to prevent it from suffering further damage.
Unlike other products on the market there is no age or mileage limit on the CS-II 2 years guarantee. In addition, the guarantee is transferable on the sale of the vehicle. The product does not contain silicone, so it can be used in a body shop with no adverse effects.

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