FoldaNet - Innovative foldable mosquito net

By: Value4U Pte Ltd  08/08/2008
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Introducing the revolutionary self propping foldable Mosquito net. It does not require any hanging support, thereby, eliminating the hassle of conventional mosquito nets. This innovative FoldaNet is made from quality materials that include double woven fabric and galvanized steel. The toughness of the steel keeps the net in a perfect shape at all times when opened yet provides the flexibilty to be folded and stored in your closet till required. The double woven fabric provides durabilty and porosity to allow good air ventilation, yetprevents up to 80% dust off your bed. Washing the net is simple and its anti-rust features allow this net to last a long time.

These strong benefits of the materials used make
FoldaNet(r)the ultimate choice in protection, convenience, durability freedom, as it can be used anywhere, anytime!
Opening up the net takes no more than 10 seconds, and closing it takes about 30 seconds for a beginner. Once closed, the net can be kept in its enclosed carrier for storage.

FoldaNet(r)Special Features are: 2 large zippered entrance at both side of the net, allowing you freedon and space, anytime, anywhere. Dustproof and Washable. Easy Storage , Anti-Rust features and no maintenance required. Spacious and Sturdy Design. Maximising the space in the net to allow more freedom. Value for money Non-Toxic, as the use of repellant incense, lamps or insecticides will be greatly reduced. FoldaNet(r)comes in 4 sizes. Baby - 0.70m x 1.05m Single - 1.20m x 2.00m Queen - 1.80m x 2.00m King - 2.00m x 2.00m

Once fitted over beds,
FoldaNet(r) can be strapped onto the corners to prevent it from coming loose. Baby size can be fitted into most baby cots and playpens and it comes in 2 colors (Blue Pink).

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