GCE 'O' level Math & Chemistry Weekly Coaching Programme! | Math or Chemistry Tuition

GCE 'O' level Math & Chemistry Weekly Coaching Programme! | Math or Chemistry Tuition from Winners Education Group

By: Winners Education Group  16/01/2009

“Sean has made it possible for me to understand certain Chemistry Concepts much better. There are several fundamentals that he insists on me knowing it , that i initially thought of skipping. His analogies and ways of relating chemistry to everyday life is very apt and makes it easier for me to grasp the concepts. With a good grasp of the fundamental concepts, it was so much easier for me to tackle other tough chapters like Acids, Bases Salts, Electrolysis, Mole Concepts and Chemical Analysis. Appreciate your help Sean! I would highly recommend Sean to you; especially you face problems in understanding those Chemistry Concepts, cos he makes it so simple to relate to.” Cheney Wong, St Andrew Sch, D7 to A1 (O level ’07)

Your child will learn through high impact processes, experiential exercises, focused learning, case studies and accelerated learning techniques all of which are personally trained by Sean Chua – Top Chemistry Coach with over 10 years of teaching experience in helping students to achieve the breakthrough in their Chemistry results.
Author of “Up Your Chemistry Grades Now!”

What Your Child Will Learn:
How to simplify abstract concepts into digestible materials for fast understanding The art of application of essential Chemistry concepts to real exam questions The secrets to understand Chemistry quickly and easily with no rote learning or facts memorization Exam-Smart strategies to optimize time usage and score more marks

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