O Levels Chemistry Holiday Revision Workshop (March 2010)

O Levels Chemistry Holiday Revision Workshop (March 2010) from Winners Education Group

By: Winners Education Group  03/03/2010
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(for Sec 4 and IGCSE and IP students)

• Voted #1 Killer Topic in ‘O’ Levels Chemistry
• Many students leave Mole questions blank in exams
• Do not know which formulae to use
• Do not know how to even start when they see a Mole question
• Highly Application topic (you can’t score by memorizing)
• Appear in EVERY Chemistry exams (MCQ & Written)
• Linked to many other topics in a question (no way you can skip Mole)
• Many students have already given up on Mole Calculations

• Strategy to effectively determine chemical formulae of ANY compounds
• How to name a chemical compound correctly with given chemical formulae
• How to assign state symbols to ANY elements & compounds
• Strategies to balance Chemical Equations correctly EVERY time
• 4-Steps strategy to write the Ionic Equations & state the Spectator Ions
• How to calculate the relative molecular mass, Mr quickly & effectively
• How to calculate the percentage mass of an element in ANY compound
• Strategies to calculate empirical & molecular formulae from relevant data
• Calculate stoichiometric reacting masses & volumes of gases
• Strategies to solve questions involving Excess & Limiting Reactants
• How to apply the concept of Solution Concentration (in mol/dm3 or g/dm3)
• Step-by-Step tactics to solve Volumetric Analysis problem sums questions
• How to EFFECTIVELY calculate % yield & % purity

"The workshop is very engaging and it helps me gain interest for Chemistry. I have a better understanding towards Mole Concepts now and is able to work on a lot of questions that were never possible for me to solve before. The lessons are very clear and detailed, and I would definitely recommend this workshop to my friends who are weak in Chemistry as it has successfully built up my fundamentals for Chemistry."
- Lovin See, CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls School 09

Date: 15th - 17th March 2010, 1-Week March School Holidays
Time: 9am - 1pm
Venue: YMCA Orchard Building (Opposite Cathay Picturehouse Cinema, 3 mins from Dhoby Ghaut MRT)

Click the link below or call us @9828 7357

To Your Child's Academic Success in Chemistry,
Sean Chua
Master Trainer & Author
Winners Education Group

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