+_Promotion for FOREVER 21 and XinshiJ Spree_+

By: WitchyDolly  08/11/2010
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3rd Pre-Order (Forever21) will end on the 20th of Nov 2010 or Capped at USD300!!

For orders and joining the mailinglist, send email to



+_Overseas Shipping Charges_+

SGD3 per item

+_Promotions for Overseas Shipping Charges_+

*For 5 items and above purchased, 10% off overseas shipping charges* 

*For 10 items and above purchased, 20% off overseas shipping charges* 

*For 15 items and above purchased, 30% off overseas shipping charges*

**Normal local postage per item**No Handling Fee*No 2nd Payment needed*
1) Light Accessories---$0.50
2) Heavy accessories, Tops, Skirts, Caps, Scarfs, Socks---$1.00
3) Pants and Dresses---$1.50 
4) Jeans and Sweaters, Wallets/Clutches---$2.00
5) Bags and Shoes---$3.50
**Registered postage add $2.25 to the total bill**

**Courier service to home at $7 flat-Recommended when you have more than 4 heavy items (No.3-No.5 above)**
*Registered postage is recommended to prevent lost of mail*


Exchange Rate:
USD 1=SGD1.35

E.g. Total amount in USDx1.35=Total amount in SGD+(SGD3x3-overseas shipping)+(SGD-normal postage)=Total amount to pay in SGD

Order Format:

Size (if any):
Price in USD:
Alt. if OOS:

*Pls avoid ordering out of stock items*
*Item is ordered according to url given*

+_See website for Xinshij Accessories Spree_+

Keywords: Online Shopping, Online Store, Pre-Order Spree