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A Maths/E Maths Tuition by MOE school teacher - Secrets to score in 'O' Level Maths - Raffles EduHub from Raffles EduHub

By: Raffles EduHub  20/11/2009
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Every question is accompanied by: a Thinking Process section that reveals how the teacher actually goes about solving the maths question, which will improve your child's ability to solve other similarly styled maths questions a step-by-step worked solution and answer, so that your child may check his solution and answer 

Our  maths questions in this GCE 'O' Level Mathematics lesson include Teacher's Comments, which reveal additional and relevant information that is useful in knowing how the solutions are arrived at.

All the questions in this GCE 'O' Level Mathematics classes are arranged topic by topic for your child's easy revision, including:

Topic 1: Numbers
Topic 1a: Everyday mathematics
Topic 2: Indices and standard form
Topic 3: Inequalities
Topic 4: Algebraic expressions and manipulations
Topic 4a: Variations
Topic 5: Solutions of equations and simultaneous equations
Topic 6: Co-ordinate geometry
Topic 7: Graphs of functions and graphical solutions
Topic 8: Graphs in practical situations and travel graphs
Topic 9: Similarity and congruency
Topic 10: Mensuration
Topic 11: Symmetry
Topic 12: Loci and construction
Topic 13: Angles and circle properties
Topic 14: Trigonometry
Topic 15: Bearings
Topic 16: Probability
Topic 17: Transformation
Topic 18: Vectors in two dimensions
Topic 19: Statistics
Topic 20: Problem solving and patterns

Our Maths classes are highly recommended for your child to prepare him/her for the GCE 'O' Level Mathematics exam and other similar exams.

Our daily classes are conducted by current school teachers. Monthly Pre-Test and Post Test to access and ensure every student learns and improves.

For bookings or further information of our assisted learning services, please call us at 6348 8531.

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