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By: Raffles EduHub  19/01/2010
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We equip our pupils with literacy skills that enable them to be linguistically competent and confident users of the English Language

Students are encouraged to participate actively in classroom discussions and interact with both  teachers and students.

Essential skills in Grammar, Vocabulary, Editing, Synthesis, Comprehension and  Composition are taught and reinforced in a creative and innovation manner, with proven and consistent results.

Composition (Paper 1)
- Plan and Develop good story lines.
- Create suspense/climax and edit his/her own piece of writing and avoid common grammatical mistakes
- Situational and continuous writing
- The correct use of grammar, spelling, punctuation and vocabulary in given contexts.

Students will be taught with techniques and skills on how to write a good Composition. This will enhance our students on how to improve their content, vocabulary and expression independently not just on a picture composition and also an essay question on a given topic. In addition, students will be shown how to write a simple but coherent short essay in their Situational / Continuous Writing.

Language Use and Comprehension (Paper 2)
- Tackle inference questions by using hypothesis, deduction and prediction skills, etc.
- Improved on Graphic stimulus, synthesis, transformation and editing.
- Handling cloze passages more accurately by using contextual clues.
- Scoring strategies in open ended questions.

Grammar and Comprehension skills will also be taught. Students will also be advised on the different ways of completing each section of the paper while avoiding the common errors often made by students.

Listening Comprehension (Paper 3)
- Identify main ideas, recall details, infer and draw conclusion through listening practices. 
-  Infer and draw conclusions.

Oral Communication (Paper 4)

- Learn specific skills in picture discussion and develop into meaningful and coherent thematic conversation. 
- Read aloud with clear articulation, diction and expressiveness.
- Use a range of appropriate vocabulary and structures.

Students will be taught on how to read with diction and expression. Techniques on how to describe and interpret a given picture. They will also be taught how to engage in a conversation confidently, coherently and fluently.

Your child will able to learn more about their strengths & weaknesses in their English Exam or in relation to the latest PSLE Exam format and to gain a level of clarity that will enable you to make more informed choices as you prepare for the forthcoming PSLE English Exams!

You may visit our website or call us at 6348 8531 for more information in our English lessons.

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