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By: Raffles EduHub  08/11/2009
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 If you do know of someone who is not doing well in Math, does not like Math or even hated Math, please let that person know one important thing. The fact that they are not doing well in Math is not because they are not born with a bigger brain, neither they are not as smart as those who did well in this subject, it is just that those who did well knew certain methods they do not know yet! 

Our Maths Workshop is to introduce P6 students on the strategies to avoid the commonly made mistakes by many other students and also key takeaways on problem solving strategies / tricks for non-routine word problems such as the Math Olympiad questions to prepare them for the  PSLE.

This workshop will also entails getting students into team groups to analyse, solve and present their solutionings on the problems assigned to consolidate their understanding on the strategies introduced.

Excel* Academy for Math aims to enhance our pupils’ performance in the PSLE. Pupils will be exposed to common mistakes that they should avoid, and multiple approaches in solving higher order math problems with the following objectives: 

1. Experiential problem-based learning
2. To stimulate creative and cognitive thinking in mathematics
3. To provide deeper insight on challenging mathematics 
4. To build up pupils’ confidence in solving non-routine problems.
5. To familiarise pupils with examination format.
6. To reinforce & help pupils master  Mathematical concepts.
7. To increase pupil's awereness of  alternative problem-solving strategies.
8. To arm pupils with skills required to solve  non-routine problems with heuristics.
9. Enhance your mathematics problem- solving ability.
10. Techniques of solving challenging math questions. 
11. How to master the use of heuristic methods in problem-solving.
12. Learn how to solve higher order thinking questions using advanced model drawing techniques.
13. How to convert complicated math questions into simple math models.

COME JOIN US and learn  how to master the use of heuristic methods in problem-solving.

Date available:
1st intake: 5th December 2009, Saturday ( 1 seat left )
2nd intake: 12th December 2009, Saturday ( 3 seats left )
3rd intake: 18th December 2009, Saturday  ( 2 seats Left )

For booking or further enquiry, please call 6348 8531

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