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By: Raffles EduHub  03/11/2009
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The components are primarily charpter based. Our teachers are working on creating a Science Enrichment Programme incorporating Scentific Experiments with HANDS-ON SKILLS to facilitate a better understanding of Science facts and implementation.

Our Mission is to enriching experiences and a conducive environment for the learning of Science, enabling our students to be well-equipped with the necessary process skills and knowledge to face the challenges of the future.

Science lessons at Raffles EduHub not only allow our pupils to be comprehensively acquainted with the various scientific concepts and principles as part of the syllabus, but also allows them to gain new insights through hands-on experiments, where students are actively encouraged to constantly challenge conventional thinking and explore the possibility of new discoveries.

We develop our pupils into thinkers: having an inquisitive mind to question, study and look for answers beyond what is obvious. We encourage pupils to questions, observe, analyze, compare, investigates and seek answers.

Our unique Key-Methods teaches your child:
1. Understand Science through visualization.
2. "Must know and Apply" keywords in answering process skills and structured questions.
3. Techniques in answering SECTION B.
4. Case studies to enhance concepts, knowledge and skills to tackle Science questions.
5. Master the use of thematic maps.
6. Score in MCQ by using K-Method to their advantage and eliminate the wrong choices.
7. Understand easier within a shorter time as K-Method works across topics.

Topics covered in PSLE Science:
* Cycles in Plants and Animals ( Reproduction )
* Cycles in Matter and Water ( Water ) 
* Plant System ( Respiratory & Circulatory Systems )
* Human System ( Respiratory & Circulatory Systems )
* Cell Systems
* Electrical Systems 
* Interaction of force ( Friction Force, Gravitational Force, Force in Springs )
* Interaction within the Environment -
* Energy form of uses ( Photosythesis )
* Energy Conversion
* Revision of Syllabus from Primary 3 - Primary 5
* Pre Test and Post Test to assess and ensure every child learns and improves

You can learn more about your strengths & weaknesses in your PSLE Science in relation to the latest PSLE Exam format and to gain a level of clarity that will enable you to make more informed choices as you prepare for the forthcoming PSLE Science Exams!

For bookings or further information, please call us at 6348 8531.

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