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By: Raffles EduHub  20/01/2010
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The components are primarily charpter based. Our teachers are working on creating a Science Enrichment Programme incorporating Scentific Experiments with HANDS-ON SKILLS to facilitate a better understanding of Science facts and implementation.

We equip students with useful strategies & tips on how to Score A* in their Science exam. To familiarize students with the PSLE Science Paper format, test items & change trends in questioning styles. We  equip students with the practical tips & methods to confidently to score in their Science examination.

Our Science lessons adopted the following special approaches to help provide our students with clearer understanding.

Lively Chapter Introduction
Our Science Chapter introduction immediately engage our students with fascinating stories or perspectivies, some with unexpected twists. Each introduction allows students to "ease" into a complex subject with something familiar, and then progress to new, more challenging facts and concepts.

Tell Me More
Our Science contains enrichment materials which provide a coverage of the topics in the syllabus in depth. A better understanding of the concepts and topics of special interest - historical features, practical techniques or modem applications of Science are included.

Science Bytes
Our Science reveals the real-life fascinating events that have led to the unearthing of much of what we know about Science today. Our Science creates a connection with the information and build on the students' understanding of Science.

Hands-On Experiments
Our Hands-On Experiments are a central feature of any Science course, Our Science lessons involved in pratical and experiments which related to the topics and are featured of the importance in the understanding of concepts.

At the end of each chapter, concepts maps are illustrated to systematically organise information within a chapter. These will help students connect to the propositions in the topics.

Higher Order Thinking - Process Skills & Structured Questions
Our Science recognizing the greater emphasis on process skills based question in school examinations, we aims to expose students to a variety of such questions. Many students may become confused and even taken aback if they come across a question they have never seen before. Our Science lessons assists our students in area by covering a wide range of process skills-based questions to give them ample practice and boost their confidence level during examinations.

Science Talk
Our Science lesson also introduced "SCIENCE TALK". Each chapter is revisited by a review of various terms found in the chapter. These terms reinforce our students' knowledge.

Your child will able to learn more about their strengths & weaknesses in their Science Exam or in relation to the latest PSLE Exam format and to gain a level of clarity that will enable you to make more informed choices as you prepare for the forthcoming PSLE Science Exams!

You may visit our website or call us at 6348 8531 for more information of our Science lessons.

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