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By: ZoneElite  25/11/2010
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Computer Servicing & Upgrading by Registered IT Biz

IT Services & IT Solutions

Registered Business No: - 53173904W
Website: -
Email: - [email protected]
Business Hours: - 10am to 10pm Daily
Extended Business Hours: 10pm to 10am (24 Hours), extra service charge of $30.00

Call/SMS: - 93754591

•    - All repairs are done right in the convenience of your home. (In-House Service)
•    - No charge if problem cannot be solved

:: Service Charge ::

Service charges are from $20.00 onwards and maxed at $50.00
(The service charge is exclusive of any top-up that you may need to make should you have a faulty hardware component that is beyond servicing and needs to be replaced with a new one.)

:: Description ::

•    We can repair all types of computers/laptops(notebooks) problems.
o    Both Software and Hardware problems which can be resolved and serviced.
•    Commonly Faced Problems by our Clients Examples are
o    Virus/Spyware/Malware/Worm Infections
o    Computer/Laptops cannot be switched ON or OFF
o    Computer/Laptops keep on restarting itself after it is switched ON or OFF
o    Blue Screen or Black Screen appears after using an application with the computer, or during start up of the computer
o    The computer keeps on stalling/hanging/freezing at times or most of the times
o    Hardware failure like Hard Disks, RAM, Optical Drive etc
o    Internet Connection is either intermittent or extremely slow (slow unlike before)
o    Setting up a home network
o    Upgrade of the Operating System (Eg. Windows XP to Windows 7)
o    Upgrade of a Hardware Component (Eg. Additional RAM or to a better graphics card)
o    and many many more
•    Tailor Made Computer Systems
o    If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to expensive branded computers or an extremely powerful gaming machine, your computer choice would be a custom tailored one to suit your budget.
o    We have some pre-configured Computer Systems which are available for your viewing on our website.
o    50% Upfront payment is required for a Tailor Made Computer System as we do not have ready stocks available. The upfront payment is to ensure that you will not back off after the Computer System is ready for delivery. The remaining 50% will be collected upon delivery and testing.

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