Insist on being watchers of the valve business

By: [email protected]  10/08/2013
Keywords: Control Valves, Check Valves, Gate Valves

Although affected by the market downturn, weak export growth, this year many enterprises days than ever, but Yang Liancheng confidence remains: "proportion valve in the mechanical products is quite large. According to foreign industrial countries, the valve output is the sum of the compressor, fan and pump the product three, accounting for the entire industrial output value of 5%. The scope of application of the valve is very wide, and the gas liquid control in place, there is the valve play. Especially the electric power, petrochemical, metallurgy, city water supply and drainage area, the valve is the essential device. With the rapid development of petrochemical, natural gas, metallurgy, electric power, urban construction, expected to total Chinese demand for valves will reach 34500000000 yuan. By 2015 China's valve market than Europe and the big 10%, is 4 times larger than japan. All of these shows that China's valve industry has a huge market space and broad development prospects." "I'll watch the valve market, a lifetime flutter in the industry, don't need to leave." Yang Liancheng said, now the rising costs, enterprises can only be used to deal with the moderate price. Now the capital operation is not smooth, believe that the government can take a good bank enterprise cooperation platform, we do not lose the trust of the government, promises to the bank, not just in their own markets and.

Keywords: Check Valves, Control Valves, Gate Valves, Industrial Valves

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