Only S$2.20 a day! Very effective 100% Natural Healthcare & Slimming Products

Only S$2.20 a day! Very effective 100% Natural Healthcare & Slimming Products from GC Life Singapore

By: GC Life Singapore  07/12/2009
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National Day Singapore Celebration Offers !

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Are you looking to
 * LOSE WEIGHT without dieting or exercising?
 * BURN FAT without dieting or exercising?
 * LOWER CHOLESTEROL without suffering side effects?
 * LOWER BLOOD SUGAR without suffering side effects?
 * LOWER BLOOD PRESSURE without suffering side effects?
 * SOLVE YOUR HORMONAL IMBALANCE PROBLEMS without suffering side effects?

If you answered yes to any of the above, GC Life's detoxification and slimming series of products has a solution for you and will make you a happier, healthier, slimmer and more confident person.

GClife was established in 2003, headquarter in Malaysia and has expanded internationally to Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong and China. We are proud to announce three million people has successfully achieved their desired weight and optimal health through our products in just four years in the market.
Some feedback from the customers:
* After consumed for 1 month, my blood sugar also reduces to normal index 5.
* After consumed for 2 months, my high blood pressure reduce to 140/80mmhg, diabetes reading 7.1
* Nice flavour. The coffee tastes even better than coffee we normally drink.
* It is so natural that detox and slimming process is not a chore any more!
* In 3 months, my diabetes and cholesterol level decreased.  The most important thing is the 2 arteries got better! My health was fully recovered. I can ride on bicycle for 5km easily!
* More testimonies on weight loss.


The GC Life Cleanse Plus contains the 3 essential factors in balancing intestines -- Lactobacillus, Oligosaccharide, and also Dietary Fibers. These 3 essential factors form a golden triangles for healthy intestines, ensuring that they work efficiently, maintaining internal circulation, detoxification, maintaining the cleanliness and health of our intestines.

If you would like to keep slim but cannot resist the temptation of delicious foods, then GC LIFE COFFEE PLUS and/or GC LIFE COCOA PLUS is your answer!  They are made from high grade Soluble Fibre from Japan, together with Red Yeast Rice and L-Carnitine, all of which will help you to burn away all those unwanted extra fats thus helping you to reduce your body weight easily and effectively. This slimming product is perfectly safe and effective as all its ingredients are food. It ensures a healthier body for you without having to exercise painful diet control or having to change your eating habits to the extent that you have to give up eating all those delicious foods.
Whey Protein, Isolate protein, Red Yeast Rice, Red Beet Powder, Soluble Fibre, Fructose, Grape Seed Extract, Green Tea, Ling Zhi, L-Carnitine, Nattokinase.
Whey protein is a good antioxidant, destroys free radicals and improves our immune system. It also helps build muscles to tone our skin so as to prevent stretch marks once our excessive fats have been burned.
Red yeast rice can reduce fats and lower cholesterol.
Red beet powder contains high fiber, which can detoxify and improve our digestive system.
Soluble fibre reduces the risk of constipation and improves our digestive system.
Fructose can prevent diabetics and high cholesterol.

Grapes seed extract inhibit potentially harmful enzymes as well as improve blood circulation.

Lingzhi can improve the immune system, prevent heart disease and cancer.

Green tea is a good antioxidant agent and it can improve blood circulation.

Nattokinase may help to reduce blood clotting, prevent fat accumulation & promote metabolism.

Recommended Consumption

If you are taking GC Life Coffee Plus with any of the above intentions, it is recommended that GC Life Coffee/Cocoa Plus be taken together with GC Life Cleanse Plus. GC Life Cleanse Plus detoxifies the digestive system, leaving it more efficient in absorbing the nutrients in the Coffee. This therefore allows the Coffee to work much more efectively, and faster, than if you were to take the Coffee on its own.

Special Offer for limited period..

Retail :              S$45 per box

Special Offer:  20% discount for 2 boxes and more.
                        S$218 for 8 boxes (any combination) + 1 box Free
Singapore Local Pickup: Free
Singapore Delivery: Free

International Delivery: Charges based on location

Consumer Membership, Distributors & Wholesalers Enquires Welcome.

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