Curtains And Blinds For Your Window Treatments

Curtains And Blinds For Your Window Treatments from Decormind Interior

By: Decormind Interior  19/11/2008
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Choosing whether you want blinds for your windows or curtains can be a difficult decision. There are, of course, pluses and minuses to both window treatments, so in the end it is your personal preference that should be the ultimate factor as to which one will work the best with your home's interior. Curtains are what many would consider the traditional choice. They offer both a decorative look as an accent while still offering you the same degree of privacy. Additionally, since curtains are available in virtually any color and in most any style you can imagine, you are certain to find curtains for every last window in every last room.

When considering the style you want your curtains to reflect on the interior of your home, you must make sure you are also considering the functionality of what you are getting. For instance, if you think that thin see-through curtains offer the look you want, you should make sure you decide on some sort of functional backup as well that will offer your home privacy as well. Shades are a great option since they can be drawn overnight so that those in the area cannot simply look right into your home. This problem, though, may not be as prevalent if you choose a curtain made of thicker and more opaque material instead. Either way, you may want to consider having a backup to your curtains to ensure your own peace of mind.

While the style and flexibility of curtains can make them a great choice for your home, it is important to also consider their shortcomings as well. For one, there is the issue of privacy as mentioned before. Curtains offer little or no privacy when compared to blinds. Additionally, the maintenance on curtains involves actually taking them down to clean them by hand or in a washing machine. Take into account the time required to dry them and you are investing a great deal of time in simple maintenance. The real problem is that you have no choice. You have to take down and clean your curtains periodically; otherwise their appearance can decline quickly.

The alternative, of course, is to choose blinds. With blinds instead of curtains in your home, you not only get privacy, but you also get the ability to adjust them to allow your preferred amount of light into the room. Though the styles of blinds are fairly limited in comparison to curtains, there is a great deal of flexibility available to you in the way of color. With blinds, as opposed to curtains, you can draw them, drop them, or simply adjust the slat angles to get as much light or as much of a breeze as you desire. Additionally, you can clean your blinds without taking them off the windows. Instead, you simply need to wipe them down with a soapy cloth. Read more articles at

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