'Greenfilm' Solar Architecture film for Commercial Residential

'Greenfilm' Solar Architecture film for Commercial Residential from EliteOcean Trading

By: EliteOcean Trading  27/07/2010
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What is energy saving film? Our Greenfilm is a prestige film that is Transparent with great safety aspect of shattering proof, yet providing you great heat rejection, a truly 'Architecture Safety Film'. Our Greenfilm technology embedded with high Visible Light Transmittance (VLT) allows your areas having maximum natural sunlight into the room, reduce chances of switching on any unnecessary lighting. Greenfilm technology is totally different as compared to the aspect of an automotive film. Greenfilm not only save energy by reducing heat, rejecting Infra Radiation (IR) and Ultra Violet Radiation (UV), it is also a safety film.
The advantages to install high-performance window film:
Enjoy energy saving
Reduces annoying glare
Keeps you cooler in warm climates, warm in cold climate winter             
Prolongs the life of your air conditioner
Increase Privacy, Security & Appearance
Live in comfort
Protect your interior (for business wise, it protects your products)
Prestige Residential Window Film
Greenfilm present you the premium film that gives your home the cooling, clear visibility and comfort you always wanted, not compromising protecting your home's valuables from today strong sun ray. Greenfilm is a premium film that helps you lower your energy costs.
Prestige Commercial Window Film
Greenfilm present you the premium film that effectively allows good visibility lighting to your building and providing comfort, not compromising the managing of the energy use for a building. It will be an investment that a building should consider to save the environment as well as cost.
You may visit our website: http://www.greenfilm.com.sg for more info!

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