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By: i.D.E.A.S. n STYLES  17/12/2009
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i.D.E.A.S. n STYLES is the sole distributor for "icare CLEAN" stone care chemical maintenance and restoration products and also providing restoration works. Our parent maufacturing company, icare RESOURCESINTERNATIONAL, locally produce "icare CLEAN" stone care products by using the highest qaulity raw materials and ingredients from all over the region. We have in-store a wide range of stone care products for floor cleaning and maintenance agents, stain removers, polishing powders, penetrating sealers and impregnators. Our range of floor cleaning agents are different from those that are in the surpermarkets as compare with other brands, which have an added properties to treat stains at the same time.

Range Of Floor Cleaners :
1. icC - MARBA CLEAN - a neutral stone cleaner with pH 7.0 for daily mopping of any marble or granite flooring. It is a proven and effective products for treating and removing of efflorescence which is a white moldy appearance after a wet polishing. If the efflorescence is not being treated, it can become black and moldy and damage the crystallization of the stone. Using this specially design floor cleaner gives you a totally clean and no sanding feeling, keeping the stone shining at all times and allowing the stones to breathe naturally.
2. icC - MARBAWORKS XTRA - an alkaline stone cleaner with pH 9.6 for weekly mopping on all types of stones like marble, granite, homogeneous, ceramic, mosaic tiles etc. It removes penetrated dirty residues, heavy soiled stain and maintaining the stone to look like new ones. It also does remove minor soap scum on matted finished homogeneous tiles usually happens in the bathroom and vanity tops.
3. icC - MARBAWORKS MAX - an alkaline stone cleaner with pH 11.6, which is a more concentrated agent for very stubborn and penetrated dirty residues, heavy soiled stain that can be more than 10 years of stains.
To remove the stains thoroughly, it works in-conjunction with icC - SP 200 HONING POWDER on unpolished surface stone only. It will not damage the stone surface if use the icC - MARBAWORKS MAX alone on the stone. A weekly maintenance cleaning agent for all types of stone materials.

Do give us a tinkle should you have any doubts or unsolve issues on stone that require our advise to lessen your stress in maintaining your expensive and elegant stone be it for floors, walls or countertops.

We are contactable at 6 844 1752 or mobile 9 068 8930 or you could also send your stones details and images to or

Keywords: Floor Cleaners

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