RF (radiofrequency) machine at WHOLESALE PRICE!

Do you yearn to slim, shape and tone your body and face? Target at each specific area instead of diet which slims on a whole? Get ICE RF face & body shaping machine at wholesale price! RF treatment ranges from $100-$300 per session. Get your own machine to save. Get your own machine at WHOLESALE PRICE to save even more! Our quality RF machine comes with multi-functions -light therapy and icy cold treatment. 100% satisfaction. Say bye to flabby arms, thighs, unsightly tummy and chubby face! Benefits of RF therapy 1) Reshape & sculpt facial contour without botox/facial lipolysis 2) Slim, tone and shape figure (With RF, you can target on the specific area to slim & tone) 3) Remove laugh lines without filler 4) Remove wrinkles, fine lines without botox, filler 5) Promote fat burning and cellulite dissipation 6) Promote skin whitening, smoothing and brightening 7) Improve acne, blemishes 8) Increase collagen production to regain youthful appearance 9) Plump up and tighten sagging skins 10) Breast enhancement (used with breast treatment product) 11) Eye lifting 12) Improve dark eye circles & puffy eyebags More information at : http://beautyaffair88.blogspot.com/2010/09/ice-rf-face-body-shaping-machine.html http://beautyaffair88.blogspot.com/2010/09/ice-rf-face-body-shaping-machine.html http://beautyaffair88.blogspot.com/2010/09/ice-rf-face-body-shaping-machine.html Retail: $4500-$5500 Wholesale: $1500 Special: $1250 only for the first 10 sets! Contact us at: [email protected] (fast response guaranteed)

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